Directions for Dachau
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Impressions of Dachau Old Town
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Dachau Old Town

Map of Dachau
From each single Dachau Nomination Element a donation of 5 Euro benefits the "Foerderverein fuer Internationale Jugendbegegnung und Gedenkstaettenarbeit in Dachau"
ranslation of this societies name: "Supporting Society for International Meeting of Youth and Memorial Site Work in Dachau"
This society is closely connected to the Memorial  Site, cares about preservation of history, offers multilingual guidances, cares for proper teaching of youth about history and co-organizes yearly meetings of youth from all over the world.
For further info check out their website, only in German, but they have useful links to english
sites also:
--- My goal is, that the Dachau emblem benefits this society, therewith preserves memory of the past and equaly supports
the Memorial Site. I appreciate that Iam able to achieve this with these Nomination elements. Ludwig Stoeckl ---